Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new ironing board cover ... Yippee!

I know, it doesn't sound very exciting ... I'm just excited because I made it - with my own two hands, my sewing machine (which has been getting quite a workout lately) and these instructions! I have wanted to have a good ironing board cover for YEARS ... and just never got around to buying one!

PS. This is my new iron too! Matt used my old one to hot wax Joel's sled (to get it to go faster!)


Anonymous said...

You are such a domestic diva :) - a multi talented lady!!!
<3 T

camport said...

I am VERY impressed. And laughing at the things us southerners have no idea about. Using an iron to make a sled go faster...? Amazing!


nicole said...

that is awesome kim!!
saved the link also..i would love to make one too :)

Karla Dudley said...

Girl you do your thang!!!! How neat!!! I once made a sewing machine cover and I really thought I was Martha! lol!!!!

Girl your little man is SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good Monday kay?



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