Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Saturday morning, the boys and I went to Grandma W's house to make Easter eggs (with Jocelyn and Heather). I love how excited Josh got about his green egg!

I bought the boys rubber boots ... and it was so beautiful on Saturday ... we took the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and splash in the puddle in front of our house (Josh was the fan section)

We had supper with Grandma and Grandpa W, Auntie Allison and Uncle Glenn, and some close family friends on Saturday evening. It was delicious! We also got the opportunity to have a family photo!

The Easter bunny visited us at Grandma W's house (and at our house ... yummy chocolate!)

Joel and I visited Baby Brooke (and her Mama and Daddy and Grandma) in the hospital while Josh had a nap at Grandma V's house. Allison's water broke in Red Deer at our Easter celebration ... but they had enough time to drive back to Edmonton to have her. I was so excited to get the call at 1000 that she had arrived (and had tossed and turned all night while I tried to sleep, and then paced the floors waiting for news in the morning!) Me and the boys were driving to Edmonton for Easter with my family ... so we just left a little early to visit Brooke!

We had Easter supper with my family and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins - so wonderful to enjoy a meal together!  An Easter egg scavenger hunt with Grandma V ... screaming kids, fun and excitement and laughter -- at first Noah and Joel didn't get it but they figured it out ... and enjoyed the HUGE easter egg full of Bernard Callibaux chocolates at the end!

Fun with Uncle Chris and Noah (they played in the biggest sand box ever ... the sand trap behind Mom and Dad's house), and reading stories with Auntie Kara and Grandma.


caro said...

Happy Easter from us, as well! Enjoyed reading about the fun you had AND a beautiful girl child arriving, too.

Melissa said...

LOVE the eggs and boots :) We need boots for after summer rain storms!

I'm so happy to hear that all went well with baby...She's a cutie!!!

Let me know what works for this week, ok?

nicole said...

what a lovely post kim.
love the family picture of you guys. and that baby is adorable!!
glad to hear you all had a wonderful easter holiday.

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!!! These pictures are all just wonderful!!!


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