Monday, April 20, 2009


I've decided I need to go on more adventures with my boys ... I feel like my whole day is taken up in things like food preparation and laundry and cleaning up ... and then the extra minutes I have are taken up with hobbies (like scrapbooking and my newest hobby quilting). So yesterday on the way home from Edmonton (more about that later) Joel and I came up with a list of adventures for us to do together this spring and summer. Some were big, some were little. Joel's first idea was a wagon ride (we have a little red wagon that fits both boys). So that is what we did this afternoon ... I pulled the boys around our little close and picked up the mail. Such a small thing that brought such joy, and memories.

My favorite memory of our adventure is this: I was putting the wagon away on the side of our house and Joel was in the backyard. Joel says "Mama come quick."
"What Joel?" I asked as I scooted around the corner carrying Josh.
There Joel stood in the sand of his sandbox, with a huge grin on his face and his arms open wide "Mama, it's SPRING" he yelled. "The snow is gone and we don't have to shovel anymore." I never want to forget the joy on his face ...

So begins our adventures, here's a list of some of our ideas (so I don't forget):
-a wagon ride
-going to the park
-going to the zoo (Calgary and Edmonton)
-going to the Ellis bird Farm
-going to the Sunnybrook farm
-playing "real" hockey (that's in our basement with mini sticks)
-going to Big Jimmer's with Daddy and jummping on the trampoline with the kids (this was Joel's idea)
-playing Bubble hockey (also in our basement)

I had a great weekend! We went to Edmonton to visit Brooke and her Mom and Dad, and also to see my family. Saturday afternoon Auntie Kara and her boys, Grandma and me and my boys went to the Space Science Center to see the Lego sculptures and we also watched an Imax movie called Wild Ocean. The lego sculptures were AMAZING (see the picture below) and I really enjoyed watching the movie - Joel's favorite were the sharks, I liked the scenerie and the swirling fish and Auntie Kara really thought the diving birds were cool.

I really enjoyed spending some one on one time with Jordan (my nephew) -- he's a smiley content (when he's near his Mom), sweet little baby. And he's growing up way too fast (I feel like I miss everything being an hour and a half away.) Love you Jordan (and you too Noah).

We also spent some quality time with baby Brooke ... love these two pics - a cousin picture (love how tenderly and securely Joel held Brooke here ... and that he had his arm around his little brother too).

So excited ... I've decided to make a mod-sampler quilt, and I started cutting my fabric for this project last night and today. I'm really finding this quilting thing enjoyable ... it requires patience and perfection and peace.


nicole said...

great list of adventures kim..i was thinking i needed to do the same thing - otherwise before you know it time flies by with just the day to day.
also love the pic of the fabric - very excited to see how it turns out.
aren't baby cousins great...we only have one but love it too :)

Melissa said...

I was just thinking about what to do this summer with the kiddos :) trips to the beach, bike rides and the zoo are on the list so far.

LOVE the quilt fabric. It looks great! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!!!

Auntie Kara said...

I am proud of you... adventures are good... how about a sand castle or lunch picnics in the back yard... actually today Noah was bragging to our neighbour about his garden and his tulips. It is fun getting them involved and being involved with what they love.
Happy Playing,


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