Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's Adventure

What a fabulous day! The sun was shining and we took our wagon to the park (I was so proud of Bailey - our german shepherd - because there was a tiny little dog running around the playground without a leash ... I just about laughed when the owner asked if my dog was nice. But I was polite and Bailey stayed down and all was good. And yes, Bailey is nice, and obedient - but I would imagine it took all her will power to stay in the down position and not go and play with the other dog). The boys and I had fun on the swings and going down the slide. It's amazing how independent Joel is now - last year I don't think he would have gone down the slide without me being right beside him. He's growing up so fast!

On another note ... I hope dog food is okay for babies. Josh got a hold of one of Bailey's little kibbles and swallowed it before I could get it out of his mouth. I suppose it's only fair - Bailey eats Josh's food all day long =)


nicole said...

looks like a great adventure!
it's funny because last week when we were at the park I realized that I didn't have to follow anyone around anymore - they all played and I sat - or joined them if they asked - but didn't have to worry so much about helping or making sure no one fell....crazy how much they grow up over one winter :)

Stacy said...

they are just sharing mom, jesse hasbeeknown to do that and he is fine he also eaten raw ork sausage too lol!!

Anonymous said...

Love those boys and I love you! You are awesome!

Melissa said...

I love wagon adventures! How fun!!!!

As for dog food? I don't think a little will hurt... :)

Tannis said...

wow! your boys are getting so big! I feel like we live so far away! I never get to see anyone anymore:( we need to organize a scrap day to catch up:)


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