Sunday, April 26, 2009

No. 4

1. I was seven and fell off my bunkbed while doing "gymnastics" (I should have been sleeping. My Mom and Uncle Bill took me to the Royal Alex hospital ... I had break No. 1 -- fractured forearm -- I believe it was a green stick. I wore a cast for 6 weeks and when they took it off I fainted (because I had been using a pencil or a fork or whatever to scratch my arm -- yes I was told not too -- and there was a HUGE scab in my antecubital space ... I still have a scar!)
2. I was tripped by a boy in my class on my way out the door. I remember one of the girls in my class doing a very scientific check to see if it was broken (moving it back and forth - I believe it made the agony worse). Unfortunately the xray contradicted her diagnosis ... and once again I was in a cast with a fractured elbow.
3. I was playing on my bunk bed and once again took a tumble ... this time I "knew" it was broken. My Mom and Dad were both at work (I think I was 12 ish) and so I just waited patiently for Mom to come home from work. She was not impressed ... she said "this would be an emergency and you are allowed to call me at work for this". Once again ... No. 3 - fractured elbow and a cast.
4. Yesterday I was coming down the stairs ... I stepped on the ottoman at the bottom of the stairs (put there by me so that Josh couldn't climb). The ottoman flipped, I landed wrong and hobbled around in PAIN all day. Matt and I decided I should probally get an xray ... so my wonderful friend Krista took me to ER (where I work) and amazingly for a Saturday night I was in and out. And yes ... I have fractured my 5th metatarsal - thankfully it is not unstable -- but I am wearing an air cast to keep it immoble (and I can't drive with it on, nor do I think I should drive with a shoe on because it hurts so much.) The xray below isn't my xray ... but the arrow shows where the break is.

On to happier things ... I have cut out my quilt peices:

And peiced together the first blocks:

And the second:

The only really crappy thing about not being able to drive ..... is that I REALLY wanted to go to church this morning (Matt is working at the firehall).

Peace to you.


Corey said...

I've never broken any bones. Looks very painful though! Hope you're back on your foot soon :(
Love the quilt blocks..the colors are great!
take care of yourself Kim, have a great Sunday

nicole said...

oh my kim. i can't imagine...
hope you are back to 100% soon!!

also love the blocks...they are coming together really well.

hope those boys are pampering you :)

Stacy said...

WOW crazy stuff!! if you need me to do something let me know get better see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

hey Kimmer,
Interesting shoe. So glad you are experiencing peace and healing. Love the quilt pieces and love you.

camport said...

That stinks! If nothing else, maybe this will give you some time to finish the quilts?? Seems like an awful lot to go through just for some craft time, though. Hope you heal quickly!!!


Melissa said...

OH MY!!!
I've broken my ankle and my arm. My mom didn't believe my arm was broken until the next morning when it was black and blue....

LOVE the colors for your quilt! Stunning!!!!

wish I lived closer to keep you company and to be your chauffeur!


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