Saturday, May 02, 2009

Life is Good

Happy (inter)national scrapbooking day! I spent the day cleaning up my scrapbooking room. (I had a babysitter for the kids ... and instead of leaving I just locked myself in here -- of course I stopped for lunch and other important breaks!) So I put most of my traditional paper scrapbooking supplies into a rubbermaid container under my desk and put quilting supplies in the drawers. Let's face it, I'm a digi scrapper. So I just have the stuff I love and can't seem to part with yet tucked away for when the urge strikes to pull out some paper and glue!

I found a really cool collaboration kit over at Catscraps ... and just had to get it. And then while I was perusing TaylorMade's blog for ideas about how to use the kit I discovered Jessica's layout - Laugh. So this is my lift of her layout (or should I say out and out copy ... hers was so good I couldn't improve on it!) All elements are from the collaboration except the L'il bits alpha by K Pertiet and the font (Century Gothic)


Corey said...

you're LO is absolutely precious! I love it!
I bet it was a little tough to put those traditional scrap stuff away, but you really do have this digi stuff down!
Happy NSDay! :)

Stacy said...

hey i am at work where are you he he he cute lo!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you Auntie Kim!



Ronda P. said...

The layout is beautiful! It is ok to say I am a digi gal! I am just impressed at how much you have grown as a digi scrapper & can't wait to see what you do next!

Melissa said...

LOVE your digi work! You are so talented!
I couldn't imagine putting my stuff away, but, it's good to know that it's still there if the urge to scrap "traditionally" comes :)


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