Saturday, July 25, 2009


We have had a week of anticipation! We decided this was the week to get some trees in our yard! So, Matt and I talked about where we wanted them, and then we went to the tree farm with the boys. We finally decided on a beautiful Elm tree, a Shubert (a tree with purple leaves and white blooms in the spring - I originally wanted a thunderchild like the tree we had when I was a little girl, but decided the Shubert would work better for our yard), a Manchurian ash for the front and 3 Swedish aspens. Matt did a lot of MANual labour to get ready - once the services were marked he had to dig two holes by hand and strip off all the grass where we wanted the beds. This morning we woke up happy and in anticipation of the trees (and Joel was excited about the tractor that was coming too). One of the most wonderful features of our trees is the shade! It's been so hot lately and the shade is VERY welcome!


The Hunter Family said...

That looks awesome... Nice work Matt!!!

Stacy said...

looks wonderful kim cannot wait to see it!!

nicole said...

it looks great kim...what a cute backyard you have :)
also can totally appreciate what a big deal that must have been for the boys!!


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