Friday, July 31, 2009


This week we packed up the trailer and drove for one hour to Gull lake to go camping! We had planned to drive to the mountains ... but we thought the boys might enjoy playing at the beach more. Right now in my "state" I can't go climbing or hiking, which are our favorite things to do in the mountains - I'm taking it pretty easy these days! We were happy to be so close because Grandma and Grandpa W were able to come out for supper and a fire one of the nights! I spent most of my time reading and relaxing ... Matt and Joel spent an afternoon at the beach ... and we enjoyed having campfires and making smores and watching the boys play around the campsite! We had a great time!

Joel loves to pretend he is a cowboy ... especially with a chuck wagon - here he is demonstrating how to get the horses to run faster!

This was a common site around the campsite ... Joel pulling the wagon and Josh following behind (as an "outrider" - everything seems to be about chuckwagons and races these days). Lots of laughter happens with this game too!

We spent some time at the dock one evening ... running up and down, throwing the ball for Bailey (while she swam out to get it), and taking pictures!

Joel took this picture of us ... he's going to be a great little photographer some day!


Corey said...

ooh fun! I hope we get in at least one more camping trip this year. I LOVE the pictures, especially on the doc and the one Joel took. He does have a great eye!
Take it easy Kim and enjoy the down time as much as you can! :)

nicole said...

Looks like a gorgeous place Kim...
glad you were able to get some time away with family and that you were able to relax a bit.
(and great job joel on the photo - we had lauren take one of us this weekend too - got to start them early :)


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