Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Family ... some updates

The boys are watching Sid the Science Kid ... I have minute to post!

My Dad took some family pictures of us a couple of weeks ago ... this is something we don't do very often. I have thousands of pictures on my computer ... very few have all four and a half of us together.

This baby really likes to move and kick me these days ... it's comforting and such a joy to feel the movement of the little life inside of me. Looking forward to meeting this little one ...

We are taking Joel to playschool orientation tonight ... to meet his teachers. Joel is getting excited about going to school! We have a backpack (thanks Auntie Kara and Uncle Chris) and shoes (inside and outside) and new school clothes. Although I think I need to add a few more pants and warm shirts.

Josh is learning new words ... yesterday he said "go" and "a da" (which I think means a dog - he was pointing to Bailey and also a dog in one of his favorite books).

I've been ripping out seams all week in Joel's quilt. I was not liking the busy-ness of the patterns I had picked. Thanks to my wonderful mother in law for helping me with this ... excited because I can start sewing again (all the seams have been picked out and I can start again!)

Tonight is the NFL kickoff game ... looking forward to eating chicken wings and cheering for the Steelers with my husband.


nicole said...

you have such a beautiful family kim! glad that you got some photos of the four of you together.

bummed to hear about the seam ripping - been there too and that is not fun - but I also know that if you aren't happy with it, it is better to change it now...hope it goes more smoothly for you from here :)

Stacy said...

that does not sound like fun i hope you get it back on track hoping to see you got you and babe in our prayers!!

Melissa said...

We SO need a family picture too....last one Kara was like a newborn.


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