Friday, February 12, 2010

Olivia, a quilt and a scrapbook page.

This girl will be 7 weeks old tomorrow! She is starting to look around at her world - I love how she studies my face! She is smiling - at me, her brothers, her Daddy. She has been able to lift her head since day 2 - but now she's getting fairly strong at lifting her head! She's back to going right back to bed after eating in the middle of the night (thank God! I'm starting to get about 3 hour stretches of sleep!)

I finally finished my little boy quilt ... Joshua is sleeping peacefully under his "special blankie" now! Next quilt I need to really study the binding instructions I have - this seems to be the most tricky skill for me. Some things I'm glad I've learned making quilts ... using a thimble when hand sewing the binding and wearing rubber gloves when free motion quilting. My sewing machine rocks - all the tension problems I had when quilting with my old machine are gone and it has the most beautiful stitching. Looking forward to starting a new one!

Here is another layout I made with the HodgePodge challenge in mind. I found these sweet photos of my kids and wanted to use them on a page too.


Corey said...

what a gorgeous quilt, kim! i love it! gorgeous little baby girl too :)
Have a great weekend :)

nicole said...

oh my word kim...that quilt is gorgeous...makes me want to run out and get a new machine so i could quilt mine like that!!
great job with it...looking forward to seeing your next one :)


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