Friday, February 26, 2010

She ...

- is 2 months old today.
- looks so beautiful in pink.
- enjoys her baby swing (but not the bouncy chair).
- usually wakes up at 0405 every morning to eat.
- has rolled from her front to her back three times this week.
- can hold her head up.
- likes to be warm (and complains if she's cold).
- likes to be held (awake or asleep).
- has my heart.

We are blessed to have you, Olivia!


Corey said...

who likes to be cold? ;) she is a cutie Kim!

RachellaBella said...

She... is gorgeous! Wow, they grow and change so quickly...

nicole said...

so cute! and already looking so big!!

CAmport said...

Two months went by FAST! She is so sweet. Is having a girl so much different than boys? Is having THREE so much different than having two? She is precious!!


Melissa said...

What a doll....and we love pink, hate the cold and love to snuggle here too :)

Heather said...

Can't be any cuter than Olivia - what a precious girl!!!

BTW, we are having another girl. My DH has another tigress to contend with, muahahaha!


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