Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for:

1. These kids. God has blessed us so with such wonderful kids.

2. Cute outfits for a cute girl. There really is so much more cuteness for little girls out there. Thanks Auntie Kara for this one!

3. Sleep ... Olivia has started sleeping longer. HOORAY! She's waking up only once in the night and usually going right back to sleep (although every once and awhile she has a little party and we stay up for 2 hours).

4. Our church. We were able to go to church for the first time since Olivia was born on Sunday! It was wonderful to go and worship God in this setting and also to see our friends ... it was really fun to show Olivia to them too! The woman's Bible study also held a baby shower for Olivia and I on tuesday! We were so blessed! Thanks guys!

5. My washer and dryer. Could you imagine having to wash clothes by hand? Now if only someone could invent a clothing folder and a machine to put the clothes away! Thanks Mom for catching me up on laundry this week (although the piles are starting again!)


Stacy said...

she very much has her own look but i see a little of josh and joel in there wow she is so big i need to get over there soon had a wicked cold that has lasted almost 4 weeks now and its getting there finally whoever thought oil of oregeno WOW!!

CH said...

Can you send me this picture... of olivia sleeping. She is sooooo beautiful. I need to come see you guys asap. And you are right, that is a cute little outfit.

PS. You would be proud, I sewed tonight, just for me, a little makeup pouch, for my purse. It has butterflies on the outside and green stripes on the inside.

love you,


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