Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for:
1. My Dad. He went to Ikea for me and got me this fabric. Thanks Dad ... I love you!
2. My Mom. She still comes and helps me with the kids and with figuring out how to do 3. I love you Mom.
3. My Mother in law. So thankful for her help with how to do 3 as well. She has been helping me with taking Joel to swimming lessons (she takes the other two and I get to relax and have fun with Joel). I'm also thankful for all the fun we have when our family gets together for suppers. I love you Renee.
4. My husband. Working so very very hard so that I can stay home with the kids and we can get out of debt. I love you Matt.
5. The weather ... I'm enjoying the springlike weather (I say springlike because in Alberta it usually still snows in April).


simon said...

Love the LO story! Too cute. How great are Grandmas that help out?!? I'm so glad you're getting help adjusting to three. It really does get...doable. I won't say easier, but definitely more doable.


Andreas said...

what a great support system you have :)

nicole said...

i didn't even know ikea sold fabric...that looks great!

i know how you feel about having help - i just have my mom but that alone makes a huge difference.

and we are having some nice weather too....can't wait for summer!

RachellaBella said...

I so enjoy your stories of being a mom of 3 -- since I will be there soon -- it's so encouraging!

PS: I LOVE Ikea fabric and cannot leave Ikea without a few metres... I have that fabric too!


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