Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for:

1. Having a little bit of time to be creative. This quilt was inspired by Aimee Ray from the Quilts baby book. The deer reminds me of my Grandpa H. He was always drawing little deers and creatures on the cards he sent. So thankful that I was able to know him (and that he's in heaven hanging out with Grandma and Jesus).

2. I noticed my tulips are starting to emerge! So excited that spring is coming! I hope today's snow doesn't chase the flowers away!

3. Clean walls! Thanks Mom!

4. A little break today! Thanks Renee!

5. Words. I see evidence of Joel's learning all over - he asks me all the time how to spell things. And I see evidnce of Josh's learning too - this week he has spoken many more new words like baby and milk and Grandma and nose.


Jude said...

helllloooooo Kim! it is your long lost friend who has been a HUGE slacker in reading and posting in blogland!! Miss you!!!!!

nicole said...

oh my goodness kim...that quilt is looking great!!
and signs of spring...don't you just love it after the long winter?!
have a great weekend!!

Melissa said...

clean walls. sounds like heaven to me!

The Hunter Family said...

I want a deer, like Gpa H's on the the quilt you make me... You almost made me cry. He was such a great man... wasn't he???

Heather said...

I love your embroidery, and that it evokes your loved ones in multiple ways.


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