Monday, November 01, 2010

Another quilt top sneak

I finished my second quilt top on Saturday (thanks Mom for watching the kids so I could sew!). I'm really happy about this because I've met my goal for October ... two quilt tops. My goal for this week is to have them both sandwiched and ready to quilt by next week. I plan to have them both done by November 30. I've had lots of people ask how I do this with three kids. Well, I do it in fits and starts. A minute here, five minutes there (and sometimes if my Mom comes to visit I get to quilt for several hours uninterupted by kids). Another thing is that my house suffers ... the laundry piles up, and it's not as neat as I want.

1 comment:

Terri @ said...

Hey, what a cutie :) Yes, the girlie, the quilt... and you of course. I heard you are playing again too! That's awesome!!!


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