Wednesday, February 02, 2011

WIP Wednesday

This week has been quite tough ... I'm doing a lot of night time parenting (all three kids have needed me and I'm TIRED). I've done very little this week crafty speaking =) Here goes:

Completed projects:

1. Purple quilt - this has been done for quite some time, but I was finally able to give it to my wonderful friend Leona. You can see pictures on this post.

2. Drum stick bag. My son Joel asked on Sunday for a place to put his drum sticks. A few quick seams and voila!


1. Master bedroom quilt. I have a rule in quilting - to finish what you start before you go on ... I didn't do that with this one and it's feeling kinda stale. Especially because I have so many cool ideas swirling around in my head for new ones. It's my goal to finish the quilt top this week.

1. Joshua baby book
2. Romance mini
3. 2008 Week in the Life
4. 2010 Daily December - I got quite a bit done on this one ... still more to do!
5. February One Little Word Course project (photographing my word in the world ...)

Blog books:
1. 2007
2. 2008
3. 2009
4. 2010

Photo books:
1. from 2010

This week's stats:
1. New Projects:2
2. Completed Projects: 1
3. Abandoned projects: 0
3. Currently in Progress: 11

Sometimes I wonder how all you crafty people out there pump out so many quilts! It takes me months to make one! And how do you keep your houses clean and your families fed?


Lee said...

I like the master bedroom quilt, I think it looks great! I know what you mean though, about all the ideas swirling in your head, it can be hard to ignore them. : )

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a fabulous week!

Terri @ said...

Their kids are all in school... it's a brand new world then. :) But then you'll miss the "little" kids stage Sigh.
Love the quilts :) You are amazing my friend.

Becky said...

Oh I love your purple quilt. I have a soft spot for purple!
Your master bedroom quilt is beautiful too. I'm like you, i like to finish what I've started before starting something else. This whole having 12 projects in the works thing is new to me. Not sure I like working this way!

Diane said...

Love the purple quilt! The master BR quilt looks cool too!


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