Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I like patchwork!

All quilts made by these amazing quilters (found on flickr):
1. custom baby quilt., 2. Hope Valley Patchwork Squares, 3. Lotus Patchwork Quilt - finished, 4. Sample Block for Joy Circle January do.Good Stitches, 5. "Huckleberry" Modern Baby Quilt, 6. Baby Quilt, 7. One Little Monkey 2, 8. squares!: piecing done, 9. Baby quilt

I will admit that since I got an iphone for Christmas I look at quilts A LOT on my flickr app. And I've been adding a lot of quilts to my favorites list lately! I like a variety of quilts, but I've noticed lately that I'm drawn to square patchwork quilts. So today I started one.

I've been really wanting to buy the entire Denyse Schmidt collection of fabrics Hope Valley. They are beautiful and I see her fabric pop up in so many lovely quilts these days. But, right now it is just not in my budget to buy any fabric. So, I started thinking about the fabric I have and settled on using up the Lizzy House Red Letter Day collection that I have in my stash. This will be a quilt for my Joshua - he's going to be moving into a big boy bed soon and "needs" a bigger quilt.

Oh, and some exciting, jumping up and down news! I entered into a draw at for a book called Modern Basics by Amy Ellis last week on the Wild Card blog and WON!!!! I'm so excited! Looking forward to reading this one - and trying out some of her ideas!


gracely said...

I saw all of your patchwork Kimberly. This is really Wonderful. Your patterns are awesome from others, every block is different and connected in the right direction perfectly. It’s all new designs, good job…

nicole said...

i love patchwork too!!!
i have one that has been a work in progress forever though....really need to get back to that one.
looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)


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