Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WIP Wednesday

This has been quite the crafty week! I've been getting some sleep ... and therefore everything seems to be rolling better! Hooray!

Completed Projects:

1. God keeps his promises mug rug: I needed a birthday present for my sister Kara - I went to 3 different stores and couldn't find what I wanted (in my budget). Three stores were all my kids could handle so I settled on making her a mug rug and giving her a cheque! I have been enjoying seeing all the rainbow inspiration out in blogland and flickr and so that inspired my latest little rug. I like that they are quick to make - it feels like I've accomplished something! =)


1. Master bedroom quilt: sandwiched! Hooray! This is a big quilt - I used over 200 safety pins (I bought two boxes of 100 and then used up most of the ones I already had - so closer to 300). I'm seriously considering basting the sandwich with spray adhesive next time. I've had some trouble in the past with the back not being perfect and having to rip out quilting stitches. Hoping this won't happen for this quilt. Two questions: a) what kind of basting do you use? b) how would you quilt this one? I'm considering wonky straight, OR echo of all the squares and free motion around the flowers.

2. Lizzy House quilt: I'm having so much fun with this one! I've been sewing it in 9 patches (random) because I have 9 different fabrics I'm using. It's so much fun to put together a quilt top!

I haven't worked on anything in the scrapbooking realm for a while. This weekend I got to play with my stuff and teach my sister in law Allison a little about photoshop elements - that was fun times! I'm starting to long for this part of my creativity ... I feel some pages coming!
1. Joshua baby book
2. Romance mini
3. 2010 Daily December
4. February One Little Word Course project.

Blog books: (no work done this week)
1. 2007
2. 2008
3. 2009
4. 2010
5. 2011

Photo books: (no work done this week)
1. from 2010

This week's stats:
1. New Projects:1
2. Completed Projects: 1
3. Abandoned projects: 0
4. Currently in Progress: 12


Lee said...

Sleep? What? Maybe I should try that sometime. : ) Your WIPs look great ... I am 100% in love with the Lizzy House quilt!

Thanks for linking up, have a great week.

RachellaBella said...

ahhhh! sleep. divine!

Kim your work is simply gorgeous -- I'm lovin' the Lizzy House quilt. The colours are so bright, cheery and HAPPY! Enjoy the productivity!

Kelly said...

the master bedroom quilt is amazing. poppy's are one of my fav's! For quilting suggestions (imho); take the time to do what you really want. the outline with free motion inside sounds lovely!

elle said...

Nice quilts. I pin baste. I do use straight pins at the edges because I machine baste that outside edge ASAP. I would do straight lines in all the sahing and outlining of the blocks. Then I'd do some wonky, wavy lines thru the flowered blocks with the same spacings approximately as the sashing. Stippling or free motion in those blocks looks intimidating.

CityHouseStudio said...

Your master bedroom quilt is awesome - it has given me inspiration for a quilt for my bed! And I love the Lizzy house quilt, so bright and cheery!

CityHouseStudio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tapestry Tree said...

I do pin basting with those curved safety pins and I have a tool called the Quick Klip that makes the job SO much easier. I would straight stitch in the sashing maybe 1/4" from the seams and I love the idea of free motion in the squares!

Brown English Muffin said...

I i just love your weekly stats at the bottom.


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