Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have had a very productive quilting week! I finally got up the gumption (is that a word) to try spray adhesive to sandwich my quilt - and I am a convert. It's quick, easy and effective! Not one wrinkly seam and no slipping - I didn't have to rip out a single stitch!!!!! The only drawback is the cost ... but I think it is absolutely worth it for the results! Because that went so well I just powered through the quilting and the binding in less than a week! I choose a turquoise binding from my stash - my plan had been to use the scraps from my quilt but there wasn't enough, I had also thought of using another orange from my stash but I'm happy with the turquoise. It's now time to go buy sheets and a mattress cover and get Josh sleeping in his big boy bed!

On with the rest of my WIP:

- all my projects are finished -- which means that I have a little time to get my machine serviced. It is clicking and clacking and needs some love. So off to the sewing machine hospital it goes today -- I will miss you!
- while the sewing machine is away I have time to decide what my next project will be ... I want to make some little quilts for some babys that are going to be coming into our lives (a new cousin for my kids, and a new friend), I want to do the urban lattice quilt along, and I actually want to make another quilt for my master bedroom (even though I'm really really happy with the orange and pink one!)

1. Joshua baby book
2. Romance mini
3. 2010 Daily December
4. One Little Word Course project. Still thinking about the June prompt
(With my sewing machine gone, this might also be a good week to clean up this list =).

Blog books: (no work done this week)
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4. 2010
5. 2011

Photo books: (no work done this week)
1. from 2010

This week's stats:
1. New Projects:0
2. Completed Projects: 1
3. Abandoned projects: 0
4. Currently in Progress: 10


CAmport said...

I WILL be trying spray adhesive!! I can't STAND sandwiching! I think I even prefer the binding step to sanwiching b/c it seems to easy. Everything seems so perfect UNTIL you start sewing/bunching/ripping out seams.

I finished three quilts last week. Thanks for the reminder to post pictures!! :)

Melinda said...

I'm glad you had good luck with spray adhesive. I have not, but it may be the type I used. Did you purchase a specific kind?

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

What a great quilt!

RachellaBella said...

OH KIM! that quilt is so beautiful and happy -- I love, love, LOVE the colours you chose!

Lee said...

Oh gosh, the quilt turned out so beautiful! I love it! And I really need to try spray basting. Did you do yours outside? On a patio or something? If inside, did you have a problem with the spray getting on the floor around the edges of the quilt?

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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