Sunday, November 04, 2012

October Progress

Thanks to my Mom who came to help me - I was able to make quite a dent on my October goals!  Here's the progress I have made!

October Progress:
1. Commissioned Quilt - all 20 stars are completed and I have purchased the sashing, batting, backing fabric and binding fabric! 
2. September and October OLW prompts - just today I finished September's prompt, still need to do October.
3. Continue studying for flying! Four flights under my belt - so much to learn and know.
4. Photo books - I got some good deals at Shutterfly this month and finished 3 books!

November Goals:
1. Commissioned Quilt - to finish the top (sashing between stars, and border)
2. October and November OLW prompts
3. Continue to study for flying
4. Start getting ready for Christmas
5. Finish December Daily 2011

Other projects that are on my list (for me to tackle in the future):
1. Use the beautiful fabric sent to me from Jolene (Blue Elephant Stitches). 
2. Make a quilt for Olivia (I already have the fabric)
3. Joshua's baby books (put pictures in the beautiful book my friends made for us, and make him a shutterfly baby book).
4. Deal with my photos:
a) print and put in albums Sept 2009 to November 2010, and 2012 (September to present)
b) deal with the huge box of photos under my desk (2005-2009)
5. Hang up photos and artwork we have framed on our walls.

Lofty goals -- 15 minutes at a time and it will all get done =)

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