Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ta daa!

So this week I've been working on a mini book and it's finally done ... ta daa! Dh and I are wanting another baby so I thought I'd make a little book of promises for myself to think about and meditate on. I also went to the lss and splurged on some new paper (they were on sale for 25 cents a piece) and on some adhesive and more of my favorite scenic route chipboard letters!

Edit: This is not an annoucement ... I repeat ... not an announcement. The pictures in this mini book are from when I was pregnant with Joel.


Stacy said...

and i am just hearing this i had a feeling congrats you guys!!!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

well if i could read lol well congrats in the furture then lol!!!

Lynn said...

too funny i was excited for you before I read the bottom! Oh well Good luck for when it does happen!


Lynn said...

sorry i mean I am still excited!!! for when it does happen! lol

Ronda P. said...

HAHAHA! I know it is just around the corner for you. LOVE the mini album!

Sarah said...

Well I hope the announcement follows soon:) Love the mini album though!!


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