Wednesday, December 01, 2010

WIP Wednesday and an invisible tutorial

It's WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday! A day to reflect on the crafty work I've done this week ...

1. Quilting:
a) Kaffe Quilt - IS FINISHED! Hooray! Photos to come soon.
b) Purple quilt - I started to quilt this ... and made a lot of puckers so I had to rip out the seam. Tonight I'm planning to add more pins. My friend Shirley suggested I pin the sandwich every 4 inches ... I need to add quite a few =)

2. Scrapbooking:
a) 2009 Daily December - I have the journalling done and the pictures mounted. Next is embellishing and the title page. Really want this done by next week!
b) 2010 Daily December - I have started with a few notes about today and some pictures of the kids. Ideas swirling around in my head about how this year's book is going to look!

This week's stats:
1. New Projects: 0
2. Completed Projects: 1
3. Currently in Progress: 20

Invisible Stitching Tutorial

Thought I would give a little tutorial on how I have made the binding sewing "invisible".

1. I use Elizabeth's instructions at Oh Franson to sew on my binding. She has explained on there how to hand sew as well.
2. I gather my tools:

- a needle, thread (that is similar to the back of the quilt), scissors, and a thimble. I keep them all together in a baby jar (but you could use anything for this) so that I'm not constantly looking for the scissors or the thread etc.

3. I thread the needle with a double thread (the tails of the thread closest to the needle, this helps me to make a neat knot at the end using the "fold" of the thread.

4. I start my stitch just behind the last stitch and run my needle along the inside of the fold of the binding. Then I put an anchor stitch into the backing of the quilt (but not all the way through) and start again.

The trick for me was the running my needle along the inside of the fold of the binding! Hope this helps and made sense!


Becky said...

Hee hee... I got at least 20 WIP's too! I'd say thanks for the tutorial, but I avoid anything that involves hand sewing like the plague :-P... I have the worlds most sloppiest horible machine bound quilts you'll ever see, but they get done! Wish I had the patience for hand sewing, and the hand strength....

Lee said...

Yay for a finish on the Kaffe quilt! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Thanks for linking up, see you next week!


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